First, you click the blue button “Log in” in the upper right corner of our website (https://liftko.si/).

A log-in page will open and underneath you will see a sign “Create account” with a “Register” button. You click on it and insert all required data. We suggest including your name as well, as it will make it easier for you later on when you add more users, but it is not mandatory.


You'll use the e-mail you enter later to log into your account and after sending the form you’ll receive an e-mail about the activation of your account with the instructions on how to set your password.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail informing you we have activated your account and with a link to create your password. You must follow the link and insert your e-mail which you have provided at registration. You’ll receive an automatic e-mail with a link where you follow the instructions and create a new password. When you’re done you will be able to log in to the store with your e-mail and your password immediately by clicking the blue button “Log in” and inserting the two.


After you’ve done everything right, a User portal with all of your data will open.

We introduced a bigger change to our online shop, which is going to affect the registered users and could change the way companies and individuals use our shop.


We enabled companies to register an unlimited number of users with different levels of authority that correspond to the different roles people have in the company. Our customers now have a complete overview and control over the different roles and the number of their employees that are using our website.


If your company isn’t registered in the Liftko shop, you must register one person in your company first. They’ll automatically receive administrator rights and the role of the administrator of your company and will be able to add all other users without them having to register to the shop themselves and without us having to confirm their registration.



All the users under one company can have different roles that give them access to different actions, information, and overview. We made 3 different roles. To keep things simple, each user can only have one role at the same time. The roles are Administrator, Purchaser, and Technician.


The first and most important role is the Administrator. The first registered user in the company will automatically receive this role and will be able to add multiple new users – employees under the same company and give them different roles. They can’t change their own role but can add a new administrator, who can change the role of the old administrator to something else. This is useful when you don’t want the first registered user to have a role of an administrator.

Rights, that are specific to the Administrator: having an overview of all company users/employees, changing roles of the users, and adding new users. They also see all the orders made by different users inside their company.

Other rights of the Administrator: can see all projects of all users under their company, can see the article prices, and can make an order directly or from any of the projects in their company.


The second role is Purchaser. They have “Shopping enabled” selected. There can be one or many people with the purchaser role, depending on the company structure.

Purchaser rights: the purchaser has fewer rights than the administrator – they can’t see all orders and users and can’t add new users. But as the administrator, they can see all projects of all users and make an order directly from them, and see the product prices. They can also edit, rename, and add their own projects.


The third role is a Technician. They have “Add new project enabled” selected. That means they don’t see all the projects in the company but only their own.

Technician rights: they can create, manage, and add new projects, but can’t see the prices and can’t make an order. They can add products with different quantities in different projects and remove them.

First, you go to the “My account” page, where you’ll see a tab called “Company employees list” on the list on the left side of your screen. When you click on it, you’ll see an empty page because you can’t see yourself to prevent you from accidentally turning off your administrator rights.

At the bottom right corner, you’ll see a button “Add new user”. You insert the data of the person you want to add and set them the appropriate role. You can always change their role later.

When you’re done the person will immediately show up on the previously empty “company employees” page.  


We don’t have to manually confirm the new user, so they’ll be able to log in immediately by clicking the “Log in" button and “Forgot password”. When they enter the e-mail, you provided when you added them, they will get an automated message with the instructions for creating a new password. After they do that, they will be able to log in immediately.

The Purchaser has an overview of all projects in the company. When they want to buy an item listed in one of the projects, they simply select the item and put it in their cart.

They can put many different objects from different projects in their cart before checkout. They can also click “add items to cart” to add all items in that project to the cart. Because the Technician can set the quantity they want, the Purchaser doesn’t have to worry about getting the wrong quantity and doesn’t have to ask the Technician about it.


Currently, you can’t add the same item from different projects to the cart, but we’re working on fixing that. In the future, the Purchaser and the Administrator will also be able to see the name of the project the items are from on every order.

The Administrator can see all the orders made by other Administrators and Purchasers. They can see who made each order by checking the shipping information.

Everyone can edit their projects under the “My account” and “My projects” tags. You can rename or delete the project or add a new one.

The Purchaser can see and edit all the projects in the company and can see to whom they belong. If the Purchaser decides to rename a project of another person, they will also delete their name, so they must type it back in manually.

You can add any item to any project you want by clicking the heart icon on the top right corner of the item or the heart next to the quantity.

Before clicking the heart, you should adjust the quantity to the number you need. When you click on the heart you can choose the project you want to add the item to.

You can add the same item to multiple projects with different quantities.

Material can be collected in our warehouse or can be delivered to your address.

For delivery to the EU countries, the shipping price will be calculated based on the weight of the ordered products at the last step of the buying process.

For delivery to countries outside the EU, we can’t charge shipping because you will receive the invoice directly from the shipping service. You can organize the shipping yourself or let us organize it, but you must inform us of your decision as soon as possible at info@liftko.si

Finding the exact item you’re looking for, can be tough. To make it a bit easier for you we made 360° pictures of most of the items in our store. The pictures are all made right at our warehouse so you can be sure you get what you see.

Under the pictures, we add all the information you’ll need to have to identify the item. We also added a simple sketch on the right side of the pictures with the dimensions written under all other information.